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This is a list of military installations owned or used by the United States Armed Forces currently located in the United States and around the world. This list details only current or recently closed facilities; some defunct facilities are found at Category:Closed military installations of the United States. An "installation" is defined as "a military base, camp, post, station, yard, center, homeport facility for any ship, or other activity under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense, including leased space, that is controlled by, or primarily supports DoD's activities.

An installation may consist of one or more sites" geographically-separated real estate parcels. The United States operates a global network of military installations and is by far the largest operator of military bases abroad with locations in dozens of nations on every continent, with 38 "named bases" [note 1] having active-duty, National Guard, reserve, or civilian personnel as of September 30, Its largest, in terms of personnel, is Ramstein ABin Germany, with almost 9, personnel.

The total number of sites for installations and facilities that are either in active use and service or may be activated and operated and by American military personnel and allies is at just over There were approximately 1,—2, U. Marine and Special Operations Forces in Syriaspread across 12 different facilities, being used as training bases for Kurdish rebels. According to the Head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to Astana talks the US presence in Syria is illegal and "without the consent of the government".

This is a list of links for U. Army forts and installations, organized by U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. January This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items with reliable sources.

Main article: American-led intervention in the Syrian Civil War. Main article: American military intervention in Somalia —present.

See also: List of former United States Army installations.Washington CNN The Army announced Tuesday that 14 senior officers will be punished following a probe that was initiated after the murder of a soldier and several other deaths at the Army's Fort Hood base in Texas this year.

The decision marks one of the largest disciplinary actions even taken by the service, an Army official told CNN Tuesday, underscoring the seriousness of the problems at Fort Hood and broader concerns related to how the military as a whole is grappling with issues of sexual assault, harassment and violence within its ranks. The military's own investigation is continuing and it's possible more formal disciplinary action could be taken against the officers.

Read More. Top Fort Hood general asks for information after anonymous officers allege misconduct on base. The independent review was ordered after the death of Vanessa Guillen, a year-old soldierwhose remains were discovered in a shallow grave in late June, months after her disappearance in April.

It was later determined she had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory where she worked and her body was moved by her killer who then killed himself before he could be apprehended.

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Officials had named the main suspect in Guillen's disappearance as Spc. Aaron David Robinson. The murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen "shocked our conscious and brought attention to deeper problems," McCarthy said on Tuesday. The outside independent review unveiled on Tuesday details deep concerns about the culture at the base, which has a population of over 60, including nearly 37, service members. It suggests top generals and senior enlisted personnel are not paying enough attention to the welfare of the troops, outlining specific concerns about how searches for soldiers who have gone missing as well as sexual assault and sexual harassment cases have been handled.

Fort Hood leadership knew or should have known of the high risk of harm to female soldiers, according to the report. Army says Vanessa Guillen died 'in the line of duty' and affords family some benefits. We have recommended changes to the staffing, structure and implementation of the SHARP program at Fort Hood, and possibly beyond, to address deeply dysfunctional norms and regain Soldiers' trust.

The committee's report outlines nine findings and 70 recommendations "relating to areas including SHARP; Fort Hood Criminal Investigation Command CID ; missing Soldier protocols; and the installation's crime prevention and public relations efforts," according to a press release issued Tuesday.

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The top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee issued a joint statement Tuesday applauding the committee's work to highlight issues at Fort Hood but said the findings make clear the base still faces significant challenges, particularly in its implementation of the SHARP program. The fact of the matter is, many of the problems stem back to egregious mistakes made by the chain of command that created an unacceptable environment for soldiers at Fort Hood, especially for female soldiers," the panel's GOP chairman, Sen.

Jim Inhofe, and top Democrat, Sen. Jack Reed wrote. When that happens, the process breaks down. Fixing this problem is the right first step," they added.Mellisa Mendoza places white roses at a mural for Fort Hood Spc. Vanessa Guillen at a convenience store on July 6, March 14 in her home in Vidalia, Ga. She said it felt like a dream, but she knew instantly that something had happened to her son, Spc. Freddy Delacruz. I saw him call to me. Delacruz, 23, was shot and killed along with his pregnant girlfriend Asia Cline, 20, and Army veteran Shaquan Allred, He was the second soldier murdered this year at Fort Hood but not the last.

Between March and June, the deaths of five soldiers have become suspected homicides, more than the past four years combined. At least two veterans who had separated from the Army at Fort Hood within the previous six months were slain. Additionally, two soldiers are alleged to have committed murder. Both died in In addition to the increase in homicides at Fort Hood, the number of violent crimes committed by soldiers at the post this year — and since — is alarming.

The two issues raise questions: Why this post? Why now? They are the highest in most cases for sexual assault, harassment, murders, for our entire formation in the U. Fort Hood averaged violent felonies committed by soldiers per year. Fort Bragg had an average of 90, and Lewis-McChord had Violent felonies include crimes such as homicide, violent sex crimes, kidnapping, robbery and aggravated assault.

Fort Hood officials did not respond to questions concerning crime at the post. One other occurred in Harker Heights, a small suburb of Killeen.

article army base

Those deaths received more public scrutiny after the international coverage of the disappearance and death of Spc. Vanessa Guillen. The year-old Houston native was bludgeoned to death in an arms room by Spc. Aaron Robinson, who with his girlfriend buried her body in a secluded area about 20 miles from the post. He shot himself dead when confronted by local law enforcement after her body was discovered June On March 1, Spc.Suspensions and demand for changes prompted by widespread pattern of violence, including murder and sexual assault.

The US army has fired or suspended 14 officers and enlisted soldiers at its Fort Hood, Texasbase and ordered policy changes to address chronic failures of leadership that contributed to a widespread pattern of violence, including murder, sexual assault and harassment.

The actions come after a year that saw at least 25 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood die due to suicide, homicide or accidents, including the bludgeoning death of Vanessa Guillen.

The young soldier was missing for about two months before her remains were found. On Wednesday a subcommittee of the House of Representatives armed services committee is holding a hearing with testimony from the panel of investigators that examined the deaths at Fort Hood and the culture that prevailed during a spate of crimes and suicides there, as part of a congressional investigation. The panel found that Fort Hood was used as a training ground for new CID officers, and there was a lot of turnover and many of the officers were inexperienced and over-assigned.

McCarthy also ordered a new army policy that changes how commanders deal with missing soldiers. The panel found there were no detailed procedures for what commanders of small units should do if a soldier is missing, but not necessarily awol, or absent without leave. The new policy requires leaders to list service members as absent-unknown for up to 48 hours and to do everything they can to locate the soldier to determine if the absence is voluntary before declaring anyone absent without leave.

The administrative actions are expected to trigger investigations that could lead to a wide range of punishments. Army leaders and members of the independent panel acknowledged that the death of Guillen, 20, earlier this year was a catalyst for a deeper look into what have been longstanding crime and other problems at the base.

According to investigators, Guillen was bludgeoned to death at Fort Hood by Specialist Aaron Robinson, who killed himself on 1 July as police were trying to take him into custody. Her family has said Robinson sexually harassed her and she was too frightened of intimidation to report the abuse, though the army has said there is no evidence supporting that claim. And in June, officials discovered the remains of another missing soldier, Gregory Morales, about 10 miles from that lake. They said female soldiers told them they were afraid of retaliation for complaints, including fears they would be moved to other jobs, their confidentiality would be compromised and their careers would be derailed.

They also complained about long delays in investigations, and many said they did not report incidents of sexual assault or harassment due to lack of confidence in the program. US military. US army fires Fort Hood officers and orders policy shift following 25 deaths. Guardian staff and agency. Wed 9 Dec Read more.Bill Chappell.

The Army is punishing 14 leaders at Fort Hood, relieving some high-ranking officers of duty and suspending other leaders after a review sparked by the killing of Spc. Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy cited profound problems at the base, including a command climate that was "permissive of sexual harassment and sexual assault. The disciplinary moves and other changes stem from the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee, whose chair, Chris Swecker, said its recommendations are meant "to address deeply dysfunctional norms and regain Soldiers' trust" at Fort Hood and possibly beyond.

Scott Efflandt as Fort Hood's senior commander. That change had been previously scheduled — but Efflandt was kept at the base rather than moving on to another command. In the new disciplinary moves, Efflandt has now been relieved. McCarthy said he has accepted all of the review committee's findings. The group submitted a report with nine findings and 70 recommendations, touching on areas from protocols around missing soldiers and crime prevention to public relations.

The day after the remains were found, Spc. Aaron Robinson, 20, died by suicide as authorities attempted to taking him into custody. The Army listed the leaders it relieved, starting with Efflandt. Also relieved were Col. Ralph Overland and Command Sgt. Bradley Knapp, the 3rd Cavalry Regiment commander and command sergeant major.

Other officers and leaders are suspended, pending the results of an investigation into 1st Cavalry Division's command climate and its handling of the sexual harassment and assault prevention program. Citing its routine policy, the Army said it doesn't identify commanders and leaders at or below the battalion level who are the subjects of administrative action.

They said they won't stop until legislative changes take place. It was widespread at Fort Hood. Things aren't complete, they're not finalized. We're not finished.

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We are just starting. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. December 8, PM ET. Bill Chappell Twitter.

Dustin Jones. Enlarge this image.By Jackie Salo. August 26, pm Updated September 4, pm. The embattled Fort Hood Army base in Texas has grappled with at least 16 deaths this year in what has become a series of mysterious disappearances and fatal incidents. Hogan, 19, and Peak Jr. The deadly collision occurred when, for unknown reasons, their car traveled off the left side of the roadway and struck another vehicle, authorities said.

Jones, 20, died March 1 after he was shot at a strip club in Killeen, several miles from the base, the Army Times reported. Sawyer, 29, was found unresponsive at his post residence on March 5, Stars and Stripes reported. His death is under investigation but foul play is not suspected. No further details surrounding his death have been released.

Delacruz Jr. No further details have been released. Wardrobe, 20, who was a former Fort Hood soldier, was allegedly shot dead March 23 in a dispute with year-old Spc. It is unclear what started the altercation. The skeletal remains of Morales, 24, were found June 21 in a field near the base in Killeen, about 10 months after he was last seen. An investigation is ongoing and authorities suspect foul play.

The body of Morta, 26, was discovered July 17 after he was believed to have drowned in Stillhouse Hollow Lake, about 15 miles from the base. An investigation is ongoing and officials did not say whether foul play was suspected. Guillen, 20, went missing April 22 in a parking lot at the base after her family said she complained of sexual harassment.

Guillen was believed to have been bludgeoned to death at the base by a fellow soldier, Spc. Aaron David Robinson, who later killed himself.

Army punishes 14 senior officers after murder and other deaths at Fort Hood

Rosecrans, 27, was found dead from gunshot wounds May 18 on the side of the road in Harker Heights, Texas — three miles away from where his Jeep was discovered engulfed in flames. He was allegedly gunned down by year-old Brandon Michael Olivares, although no motive has been released. Hernandezvargas, 24, was discovered dead Aug.

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Aton, 22, died of his injuries Aug. Moore, a year-old Texas Army National Guard soldier, died in a training accident while completing a land navigation course Aug.

article army base

A body believed to be the missing year-old soldier was discovered hanging from a tree Aug. Fernandes, who had reported sexual abuse prior to his disappearance, was last seen Aug. Chee, 25, died Aug. Further details surrounding his death have not been released.

Army to fire, suspend Fort Hood troops over violence at base

An autopsy will be performed by the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas and the incident is under investigation. Read Next.According to officials familiar with the matter, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy will take administrative action that will remove soldiers from their jobs, and likely trigger investigations that could lead to a wide range of punishments. Those punishments could go from a simple letter of reprimand to a military discharge.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss results of an internal review not yet made public. McCarthy and other senior Army leaders are expected to announce the results of the review on Tuesday.

In recent months, they have questioned whether there is a toxic environment at the base, and pledged to hold leaders accountable. Officials say they expect that Army Lt.

US army fires Fort Hood officers and orders policy shift following 25 deaths

Pat White, the base commander, will not face any administrative action. He was deployed to Iraq as the commander there for much of the year. Others who could face discipline, however, include Army Maj.

article army base

Scott Efflandt, who was left in charge of the base earlier this year when Spc. Vanessa Guillen went missing and was found slain two months later. In a recent video message on Twitter, McCarthy said he had reviewed the findings of the independent commission he sent to assess the command climate at Fort Hood. According to investigators, Guillen, 20, was bludgeoned to death at Fort Hood by Spc.

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Aaron Robinson, who killed himself on July 1 as police were trying to take him into custody. Guillen was missing for more than two months before her remains were found. Her family has said Robinson sexually harassed her, though the Army has said there is no evidence supporting that claim.

The body of Pvt. Mejhor Morta was found in July near a reservoir by the base. In June, officials discovered the remains of another missing soldier, Gregory Morales, about 10 miles from that lake.

All together, so far this year, 25 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood have died due to suicide, homicide or accidents, compared with 32 last year and 24 in In an Associated Press interview last month, White said that he and other commanders bear responsibility for the problems.

article army base

But he said it will take time to correct what some believe are systemic failures, and that some units will respond more quickly than others. Under Army procedures, when a soldier is fired or suspended from a post, it can often lead to a fuller investigation into the matter. Army leaders have said this year that they are concerned that 20 years of war have led the service to focus so much on readiness that they have paid less attention to the well-being of the soldiers and their families.

Army to fire, suspend Fort Hood troops over violence at base. Vanessa Guillen at her memorial service on in Houston. Guillen, who was last seen on April 22, was laid to rest nearly four months after she is said to have been killed by a fellow soldier at Fort Hood, a U. Army base in Texas. Marie D. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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