How do i write a public relations proposal

A public relationsor PR, campaign allows you to control the spread of information about you and your business, creating a media narrative that positions you to attract customers without the expense of traditional advertising. However, public relations doesn't happen all on its own. To create and implement a PR campaign, you need a comprehensive plan that your business can follow, measure, and improve on.

To achieve your public relations objectives and reach your customers, you need to develop a media plan. This plan outlines:. You can create a successful media plan, and structure your public relations campaign, in six steps. Define and write down your objectives. What will your public relations campaign be designed to achieve?

Do you want to:. Once you know what your public relations are trying to achieve, you can construct a media plan that is built around that objective. Articulate clear goals for your campaign. Unlike your objective, which is qualitative, your goals should be quantitative.

These goals should be in line with your overall business, marketing, and sales objectives. Your goals should be:. In marketing, everything is determined by your target customer. Identify who you are trying to reach, what those customers care about, and where they can be found, you can create a blueprint for your entire campaign, including:. Once you know who makes up your target market, you can begin creating a plan for where and when your PR campaign will appear, as well as what it will say.

It can be helpful to look at public relations outreach that your competitors have done, which will give you an idea of which media outlets to target, as well as what messages you should and should not send. Begin to research and plan opportunities for your media campaign.

What communication vehicles will you use to get your message to the public? Examples may include:. As you begin researching opportunities, reach out to contacts you already have in the media or explore opportunities for creating media relationships such as networking events or HARO queries.

Once you have connected with your media contacts and know what opportunities are available, create a schedule for your public relations campaign that includes:. As you create your schedule, consider what else will be happening with other marketing and sales efforts during or after your campaign.

By coordinating your PR appearances with upcoming sales, for example, you create more incentive for those learning about your business to convert into customers. You can even create special landing pages, email onboarding, or discounts for those who learn about your business through your public relations campaign.

Finally, put measures in place to track the results of your public relations campaign. These can include:. Did you achieve the defined objectives and goals of this campaign? Should you consider modifying your original plan?

how do i write a public relations proposal

If so, how and why? To be successful, you must measure and track not only your media appearances but the details of the campaign's results. As you track the results of your media campaign, you should also measure how it is integrating with the rest of your marketing.A public relations proposal mainly involves the PR department of a business entity to promote a specific brand, product line or a specific event the company is linked with.

Continue scrolling to know more! Define a Public Relations proposal. A public relations proposal is a proposal that involves the PR department of the whole entity to promote specific events and other things that are linked to the company. What is the purpose of a PR proposal? It is generally intended to support all the efforts by promoting goodwill, reinforcing brand and product messages, etc. This is mostly done through advertising, informing the public and overcoming any kind of negative publicity.

What should a PR Proposal include? A public relations proposal should include: Information about your company Any similar works that were done in the past and any references Highlight your expertise and strengths Include bios of your team to mention and showcase their experience The goals to be achieved History of the company, if needed, etc.

What is a good PR Proposal? A good PR proposal is detailed, professional and attracts a potential client to use your services. You must know your client and target marketplace, also keeping your clients in mind. Include your basics and the fees without fail.

how do i write a public relations proposal

Remember to pitch yourself and add your tactics to achieve your goals effectively. What are the examples of Public Relations? There are many examples of public relations. Some of the major ones present throughout the world are: Government relations Media and entertainment relations Media productions Community relations Customer relations Marketing communications Influencers, etc.By Eric Yaverbaum, Robert W.

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Bly, Ilise Benun, Richard Kirshenbaum. First is the budget. The specific publications and programs toward which you will direct your PR efforts. Which PR tactics you will use; other ideas you have; and the theme, hook, or angle for each tactic. Overview: To create mass media exposure for yet another how-to business book, with a distinct challenge: to get the press to write about how to get press. Goals: As a result of mass media exposure, this book becomes a bestseller. Strategies: Add a creative and newsworthy element to the book, which adds an enticing reason for journalists to cover it, beyond the value of the content.

Target audiences: Primary audience: entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-size businesses who want to incorporate public relations into a marketing program. Secondary audience: experienced PR professionals who have a continuing desire to look at PR in different ways. Key target media: Lifestyle and business print publications, radio talk shows, morning TV talk shows, television and radio news. Hide a clue within this book. The clue is a cell phone number in the area code. Send book to reviewers at major publications with personal notes from author Eric Yaverbaum.

Creative brainstorm to determine logistics of stunt: how to hide clue, deliver prize, and so on.

how do i write a public relations proposal

How to Create a Public Relations Plan.You can create your own customized editable version of this document using Proposal Kit. Follow these steps to get started. Get a Proposal Pack such as Concepts 8. This sample was created using the design theme Proposal Pack Concepts 8.

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You have complete control over customizing this sample. Thank you for your inquiry about providing public relations services for PeaceMark Community Health Network. We understand that your objective is to distribute information about the best health practices to the Wichita community and to make the community aware of the services and products you provide in your network of clinics and hospitals. We understand that you wish to create a long term partnership with a PR firm that will periodically distribute your information to the public.

Bext PR Services, Inc. We strongly believe our proposal has been thoroughly outlined and will meet or exceed all of your expectations and requirements.In every step of the process, you want your company to look its best. That means you need an excellent public relations consultancy ready to help you do just that.

11+ Public Relations Proposals

With such growth come issues of public image and reputation, and we want to help you maintain both. Our team has extensive experience in handling all kinds of media including print, design, image consultation, websites and social media. In addition, we specialize in managing special media events like news conferences. Our longstanding contacts in print, electronic and digital media are our strongest assets. If you allow us to manage the public image of your growing business, our dedication and hard work will make your Public Relations worries a thing of the past.

By hiring our team of professional PR strategists and media coordinators, you can safely concentrate on your work and performance. The event attracted media people from up to —- leading media houses, received —— minutes of airtime and —— inches of prominent print space in leading media like ————.

We hope to enter into a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with your company. Hoping to hear a positive reply soon. All business concerns need the trust of the public they serve. A sound public image based on trust is a valuable asset to business operation and growth. Your reputation built around your image influences your day-to-day dealings with clients and service providers and has an impact on your profitability and other long-term goals.

A business with a less-than-perfect public image is not likely to secure the key support of the public it deals with. Growth in different media has produced the need for tailored and specialized handling of message.

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Television, radio, print, email, and social media name just a few of the areas companies have to be sure to have a presence in. Each of these media requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness and reputation and to build a community with current clients. However, no company has the time and resources to do everything they need to do to grow their business. This is why so many companies are choosing to outsource their public image, so they are able to focus themselves on other drivers of profit and growth within their organizations.

While your day-to-day performance remains the most essential tool in building your reputation, expert management of your public image can provide immeasurable advantage during regular operations as well as in times of crisis. A group of professionals, working round the clock to build your image and to keep an eye on developments, can add immense value to your business and assist in setting and achieving future goals.

However, an in-house public relations department may over-stretch the resources, time and focus away from your core business.

You also may not have the ability to train your in-house team to adapt to a world in constant technology and communications change. By hiring a Public Relations firm, you receive the services of an experienced and specialized team of Public Relations experts and the latest technology available to them, without investing in the material and human resources in your own office.

Understanding the nature and the inner workings of each medium enables us to choose the most suitable medium for every single situation. Our valuable contacts and business relationships in all major media outlets are among our most valued and recognized in the public relations world. We complete all these stages in consultation with your company representatives and keep them informed of developments at all times. Our team of professionals has worked on both sides of the divide, so we know what the target media are looking for in a Public Relations message in your industry.PandaTip: The purpose of the public relations proposal may involve the PR for an entire company, or may be geared toward the promotion of a specific brand, product line, service, or event.

This should be clearly addressed in the Executive Summary as it will set the tone for the proposal to be detailed below.

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The Executive Summary contains an overall summary of the plan you will set forth below. It should therefore be completed last, and should be a concise yet striking introduction to the proposal. Following extensive research and analysis, the circumstances and situation affecting ::ClientCompany or Product:: appear to be as follows:. PandaTip: This section is where you explain the current situation to the Client. If people do not like the product, explain why.

how do i write a public relations proposal

Detail strengths and weaknesses of the subject, from a PR standpoint. You can use analysis in this area and provide examples. PandaTip: List the main, overarching goal s for the public relations program. The goals will generally address the issues mentioned in the Situation Analysis. The goals will probably have been discussed some with the Client Company already, in determining the need for a PR proposal and what the company is looking for in terms of results.

PandaTip: Objectives are more specific and well defined than the Goals listed above, but relate directly to the goal. You can list the major objectives of the public relations proposal—three is generally a good number.

How to Create a Public Relations Plan

Under each objective, discuss the reasoning behind the objective the circumstances creating the need for the objectivethe benefits which will be gained from this objective, and how the success will be measured. Typical objectives may include items such as: Promote awareness of Product as an alternative to another commonly used product, or Attract a new demographic such as young women to this product more often associated with a different demographic older womenor even something slightly less specific such as Use unique PR campaigns to generate web traffic and increase sales.

PandaTip: In the Target Audience section you will discuss the demographic you will target through this public relations plan. Many professionals suggest being extremely specific in this section, identifying the exact type of individual your PR will be geared towards, down to age, sex, geographic location, likes, dislikes, habits, etc. This can be a useful element in creating a strong PR campaign.

PandaTip: As public relations deals directly with media outlets, this section should address what media sources you will target. This section will especially be useful if your PR proposal is targeting a new audience or looking to grow the brand. You can list new types of media to be reached, including specific websites, news sources, journals, etc. PandaTip: Depending on the needs of the proposal and the needs of the client, this section may vary.

If the public relations team is also responsible for generating marketing concepts, this area can detail those ideas and how they will be used. If the client already has an existing marketing concept, this section can simply explain how the PR plan will maintain and continue to promote that concept, perhaps including fresh new approaches to the idea. PandaTip: This is a large section of the public relations proposal, as here is where you will list and detail the specific strategies and tactics your plan will involve.

PandaTip: This will include a list of media the PR plan will focus on building or improving relations with, and how they will help impact or reach the target audience.

With a more company-geared public relations proposal, this section might focus on generating new and creative ideas for press releases. PandaTip: This subsection can describe other types of written press that the plan will target, and what the subject matter or angle of those will be, including types of media source to be used.

PandaTip: There may be upcoming events which will provide excellent public relations opportunities for the Client or its product. These could be trade shows, fundraisers, conferences, or other types of events. These should be listed here, along with explanations of the event and why it would be pertinent. PandaTip: In conjunction with the marketing team or plan, this subsection will provide details on the social media use in regards to specific PR campaigns.Most companies need help marketing themselves.

If you are a public relations professional, you are in the business of doing just that. But without a solid public relations proposal, you may not be landing the clients you want. A good PR proposal is professional, detailed and sells a potential client on using your services. A well-written PR proposal often sells your services better than you can with a phone call. One size does not fit all. Before you can even consider a PR proposal, you must spend time getting to know your client.

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Hold in-person meetings with the principals and managers in the company so you can get a sense of who they are and what they are looking for in a public relations campaign. Get to know what products they sell or services they offer, who their target market is and what their current marketing strategy and goals are. Follow up with emails and phone calls until you have a solid grasp of the company culture, its general communication style and community reputation.

This is all information that will help you create a more unique and targeted public relations proposal. Understand the target market and how it gets its information.

Contact Information

Seniors, on the other hand, will not respond as well to a hard-hitting social media campaign, so you may have to tailor your proposal to more traditional marketing channels or events. Perform an analysis of the competition and what kind of advertising and marketing they use.

A well-written PR proposal tailors your recommended marketing to the right audience. Failing to do your research at the beginning can spell disaster for your public relations proposal. Before putting together your PR proposal, create an outline of the necessary parts.

The outline can also help you to better organize your thoughts. A PR proposal needs to highlight your ideas without giving away so many of the details that the client can take the proposal and implement your ideas without you. Conclude with a closing statement that tells the client how you look forward to working with her and how sure you are that you will have a positive and prosperous relationship. As part of your public relations proposal, you should include your fees.

Explain what services are covered under specific fees and expenses, and which services are extra. Be as clear as possible when it comes to your pricing so that there are no surprises to the client.

Whether you have tiered pricing or a la carte services is up to you, but lay out your specific fee structure with as much detail as possible. That way the client can decide what public relations services she wants to tackle now and which price point she is comfortable with.

When creating either your PR proposal or public relations scope of work template, you should follow some basic tenets of good business writing. Throughout your PR proposal, be sure to use professional language.


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